Things To Do

Relax around the camp grounds or go on an outing, this is the choose your own adventure kind of place. 

Pine Run offers:

  • Walking Trails Up the Ridge
  • Easy access to the River
  • Fire Pit

  • Large Lawn Space for Games
  • Low light pollution for an amazing view of the night sky

The day is easily spent enjoying the campgrounds, walking in the woods, and visiting the river. But, there are plenty of excellent places to visit in the local area as well. We have numerous activity brochures available at the cabin but also visit Pennsylvania’s Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau’s website for even more information. 

Camp Trip Check List:

  • Personal toiletries
  • Sleeping bags or Linens
  • Repellants and Sunscreen
  • Medicines
  • Food
  • Paper supplies
  • Chargers
  • Water equipment – Inner Tubes, Kayaks, and Canoes
  • Lawn Games
Please feel free to bring things that will help make your stay comfortable for you but we provide the basics for what you’ll need. If something is used up please let us know so we may restock it for the next guest. This is our family’s home and we would appreciate it if our guests treat it as their home too. We have a staff member nearby if you have any problems, questions, or concerns. Happy camping!